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Claire French

I am a British artist based in Manchester and recently completed my MfA in photography, at the Belfast School of Art, University of Ulster. 


Initially studying English Literature at university, I went on to find my true creative passion in photography, whilst bringing my enthusiasm for stories and narratives with me. I have also spent some time studying psychology, fuelling my fascination in people and how they think, interact, connect and navigate their way through life.  

My practice often begins in a deeply personal space, fluidly and experimentally, often drawing inspiration from literature and poetry. My work is often reflexive in its first instance, telling intimate stories whilst drawing on their universality and a shared collective memory. With a focus more on emotion, on both sides of the camera, rather than technicality I use my work to connect the strands between past, present and future.

My work is concerned with personal histories and stories as a way of making sense of the world – mine and the wider world. My practice focuses on a variety of photographic approaches including working with re-photography and archival images.

Claire French

Photo by Sarah Sadler

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