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Kate Mellor

Although I am known as a landscape photographer I use the landscape as a way of discussing other matters such as legacy, class, disease, and borders. I tend to work in series and often use differing formats, from the analogue Hasselblad and pinhole cameras for In the Steps of Robert Pinnacle, to the digital Leica for Upper Calder Catchment Area. All cameras have limitations and I tend to use these in the photograph rather than rejecting their “unwanted” effects. 


Island was published by Dewi Lewis Publishing in 1995 and this series has been exhibited nationally and worldwide under the title Island: The Sea Front. Recently it was exhibited at KOLGA in Tbilisi.


In the Steps of Robert Pinnacle was published by IB Taurus in Shifting Horizons by Newton, Wells and Fehilly and was exhibited in Britain and internationally.

I have worked on many commissions, sometimes collaborating as in Sightlines, and have received several awards such as for Topographies of the Image which I made while studying at Ulster University. It was here that I completed a PhD. I have taught at universities and colleges in England as well as leading workshops and presenting my work at international conferences. 


KM TRACE IMG_0858.jpg

Photo by George Meyrick for TRACE residency

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