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The Soil Horizon is an exploration of the seen and the unseen within the post-industrial British landscape.

The works on show in Current Disturbances chart the varied topography and composition of transitional habitats, on land blighted by heavy industry. Finding new value as havens for nature, and in varying stages of transformation, these places may be seen as a blueprint for a future dependent on our coexistence and collaboration with the natural world.  

These are also places of contradiction and complexity, suffused with distinct, challenging conditions. Contaminants and pervasive ground disturbances have stripped the land of its innate fertility, yet also provided refuge for rare, resilient species which are slowly reclaiming these scarred terrains.  

The documentation of these habitats and their matter invites the audience to consider the impact of historic adulteration and trauma, and the inherent, deep-rooted components that make up everything around us.

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